Logistics and Transportation

Optimize the Logistics of your Events!

At Hands 4 Events, we simplify the logistics of any event or production with a specialized technical team. We have a variety of vehicles available and strategic coordination centers throughout Spain. At H4E we are in charge of coordinating the transportation of materials, in addition to managing storage and distribution according to customer needs.

Mobility expert runners

Our team of professionals and fleet of vehicles are prepared to pick up and transport staff, guests or artists, and manage the distribution of materials to provide comprehensive support for production.

Transportation Diversity

We have a variety of vehicles, from vans to trucks, to meet all the mobility needs of your event.

Production materials

We have a varied selection of event essentials. Fences, catenaries, donkeys or folding furniture.

Space reservations

We take care of reserving locations in public spaces to facilitate the development of your services, providing comfort and security.

If you need another type of assistance or logistical service for your event, do not hesitate to contact us!

At Hands 4 Events, we adapt to your needs to guarantee success in all aspects of your event.