Auxiliary staff

The essence of success: Professional Auxiliary Staff for your events.

At Hands 4 Events, our team of auxiliary personnel is committed to guaranteeing the success and good development of each event. From the care and attention to the guests to the logistical and operational support behind the scenes, our auxiliary staff play a fundamental role in the overall experience of the event.

Auxiliary service personnel

This team is responsible for providing assistance in various areas of the event, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and meeting the needs of the attendees.

Cleaning assistants

Responsible for keeping the designated areas spotless before, during and after the event, guaranteeing a clean and orderly environment at all times.

Production assistants

Professionals dedicated to providing support in production work, from the initial preparation to the execution of the event.


Experts in the safe handling and transport of equipment, materials and supplies during the assembly, development and dismantling of the event.

Catering assistants

In charge of ensuring that the food and beverage service is carried out efficiently and courteously, providing an exceptional gastronomic experience to attendees.


Professionals specialized in the safe and punctual transport of people and equipment, contributing to the comprehensive logistics of the event.

Valet parking

Responsible for facilitating the parking of guests' vehicles, providing an efficient and friendly valet parking service.

Cloakroom service

Staff dedicated to managing attendees' wardrobes, offering a safe and organized service for the storage of coats and personal belongings.


Professionals dedicated to guiding and assisting attendees within the event space, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant experience for everyone.

Head of room

Responsible for the general operation and coordination of staff in the assigned area, ensuring high quality service and a satisfactory experience for attendees.

Other categories

At Hands 4 Events, our commitment is to provide a highly qualified and dedicated support staff, who contribute to the success and excellence of each event we organize. If you need another type of assistance or logistical service for your event, contact us and we will configure a custom team for your event!